Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Candy For Breakfast

Next to the Sex and the City gals, those of us at Gay List Daily probably consume more brunch than anyone on the planet. And because we’re the only ones in this scenario who aren’t fictional, we win.

So it takes a lot for a brunch menu to make us giggle with excitement. Sure, we could eat Eggs Benedict and pancakes just about every day without much complaint, but we’re always on a quest for restaurants that re-imagine the old standbys and breathe new life into our favorite meal of the week.

Coal Vines, known best for its coal-oven pizzas and affordable wine selection has just rolled out a brunch spread with so many unique items, we hardly knew where to start. But we’re professional eaters, so we were more than up to the challenge.

We started with a Strawberry-Watermelon Mimosa for just three bucks, and lost count somewhere around the $21 mark. The freshly pureed fruit and sparkling wine isn’t as sweet or acidic as an orange juice Mimosa, though they do offer a fresh-squeezed version if you’re a purist. But we prefer this wonderful concoction to any day.

Their version of Eggs Benedict doesn’t stray too far from the original, but provides so much Italian charm that you’d think Giada de Laurentiis and her amazing boobs were in the kitchen whipping them up. Atop a crisp, toasted English Muffin rests a generous slice of prosciutto, followed by fresh tomatoes, an expertly poached egg, and basil hollandaise. Just like our ex-boyfriend’s chronic herpes, we’ll be getting this again and again.

Another fave is the perfect marriage of both breakfast and lunch, as well as Italian and American: the Breakfast Calzone. The huge turnover is made with Coal Vines’ wonderful dough, then filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and mozzarella, and served with a piping hot side of delicious marinara sauce. We suggest getting one of these for the table to share because you know we’re fans of the Brunch appetizer!

Omelettes are great (and made to order from over 14 ingredients, as many as you want included in the $7 price), as was the delectable Stuffed French Toast with caramelized bananas.

But the show stopper for us was the custom pancakes from the Pancake Station (we want to go to there!). Here, we channeled our inner Willy Wonka with some of the craziest pancake concoctions we could think of. We started off simple with homemade granola, pecans and seasonal fruit. The single (yet gigantic) pancake could feed an army.

But we were greedy and wanted more. So our next one was over-the-top for all the right reasons. M&Ms were our first choice because how often can you have them for breakfast, really? Instead, we were persuaded to try a house specialty: Butterfinger, Heath Bar and Peanut Butter. We might as well tell you now, this is the greatest thing since naked men.

Once again, however, we recommend ordering one pancake at the end of the meal and sharing with the entire table (or those sitting nearby, people walking their dogs across the street, and perhaps anyone staying overnight at the nearby Crescent Court Hotel).

Otherwise, we can’t be responsible for single-handedly ruining swimsuit season for you.

Brunch available beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday & Sunday
2404 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(214) 855-4999
Complimentary valet parking always provided