Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Four Alarm Fashion

A predilection for fireman seems to be as entwined in our gay genes as our abrasive allergy to synthetic fabrics.

In fact, a book of matches never looks more appealing than in January when we hang one or seven new sexy fireman calendars. Well now, through reclaimed accessories from Elvis & Kresse, we can get our hands on a piece of the firemen’s action without being awarded an arson sentence or earning a restraining order!

The UK-based men’s accessories brand utilizes one foundational element in all of its pieces and one only: recycled fire hoses.

Unique in its texture and appearance, the fire-red colored hoses that make up Elvis & Kresse’s line of bags (our favorite is the saddle bag, pictured, $151 plus s/h), wallets, iPhone cases and key chains display distinct markings and character-building scars earned while manhandled in the line of duty.

Whew. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the feel of our reclaimed fireman’s bag?

After all, tossing a hot British fireman’s hose over our shoulders or in our back pockets has always been a pipe (pun intended) dream of ours…

International shipping available