Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Stubble Trouble?

We experienced something new this past weekend. It was with a man wielding a really big tool and covering our face in something hot and foamy.

Yeah, we know, sounds like most of our weekends (and lunch breaks during the week for that matter), but we promise – this was completely different.

We’ve always thought it would be super fancy-pants of us to get an old-fashioned barber shave, but we never really had the occasion to justify it or knew where to get a really good one. After all, we wanted our first time to be memorable.

So when The Art of Shaving invited us to come try out one of their Royal Barber Shaves, we knew we were in for a treat, but had no idea we’d love it so much.

Sure, some of our SweeneyToddaphobic friends were freaked out by the notion of a straight-blade shave, but we couldn’t understand all the hubbub. After all, we’ve been waxed in strange places, had our eyebrows and cheeks threaded, submerged our bodies in mud, and been covered in hot rocks all in the name of beauty, so how could this be any more dangerous?

On our visit, the master barber who performed our shave has been doing this for nearly 14 years, which means this guy’s seen his fair share of beards, goatees and (please make them die) soul patches. In other words, he knows his way around a man’s face.

The shave starts off with a hot towel treatment to loosen up the facial hair and prep it for trimming. Between the warm, scented towel and the careful massage of our entire face, we knew this was some pampering we could get used to. Then came the warm, luscious shaving cream applied with a brush. Ahhhhhh. We likey.

After that, we were treated to not one, but two shaves in a row to really get at the Wolfboy-like growth we’d accumulated for two days in preparation for this treatment. When we were all done, our skin was radiant and we looked young and vibrant once again.

A real barber shave is something every man should experience, and The Art of Shaving offers a wonderful variety of options from their Barber Spa menu (in select stores).

Now if only they could do something about our Robin Williams arms


Special Quickie Contest for Gay List Daily Subscribers!
Go to the Contact Us page and tell us why you deserve a free barber shave or Fusion ProGlide shave, courtesy of The Art of Shaving. Here’s the catch, you’ve got to be available for a shave on Memorial Day Weekend and you must submit your request before noon today, Friday, May 21, 2010!

We will notify the winners later today with details on redeeming your prize. For a complete list of stores with barber spa services, visit www.theartofshaving.com. Include the city where you’d like to receive your free shave in the body of your entry. Good luck!