Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It Takes A Village

Whether through hoodoo, witchcraft or sorcery, sometimes it takes supernatural instinct to put a stylish ensemble together.

But move over push pin dolls or praying to the Goddess in the hopes that summer’s it-color (gold) will suddenly work with your skin tone; the newest way to solve fashion conundrums in a flash is through Alkemy.

Around for nearly two years, the Southern California menswear brand creates nothing short of magic atop our bodies so that we look good enough to create nothing short of magic under them later.

This year, Alkemy’s S/S 2010 collection offers plenty of polos, conservative in thought, but unconventional and inherently L.A. in design. From two-toned contrasts (our favorite is the brand’s white, double-pocketed polo rimmed with light grey accents) to bold, color-blocked designs, the brand owns the polo landscape – and therefore the majority of summer fashion – for the season.

But if a post-modern polo feels a little stuffy for your summertime style, Alkemy’s S/S collection also includes a few looser items to let oneself free in, like simple tanks boasting subtle accents around the shoulders, free-flowing shorts and graphic tees that’ll let us stick out of the H&M cookie-cutter crowd.

For once, we’re under something’s spell without seeing its wand. That’s the power of Alkemy…

Prices vary
For a list of stockists, visit www.alkemyclothing.com