Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Under Pressure

Our mind-body connection has been at odds with itself ever since our mind wanted our body to fit into a pair of decadent Rick Owens swim trunks by May 1 and our body failed to deliver (though the corner pizzeria sure didn’t).

Needing an arbitrator to end the dysfunction, Yantra Mat shipped us one of its new acupuncture mats in the hopes of reconnecting our mind – body.

Boasting more pricks than found on the Jersey Shore, the Yantra Mat’s collection of over 8,800 pressing points allows for a unique total-back (or stomach, booty or face) sensation.

Not exactly strangers to a experiencing a bit of pain while lying on our backs, the sunburn-like introduction to the Yantra Mat was not something we could immediately breathe our way through. Rather, we tried our damndest to relax into the pain, going wherever Madonna goes when she recites her Kabbalah mantras or Ke$ha goes when she’s writing stunningly intellectual, poetic lyrics (obvious sarcasm).

It worked, and after a few minutes, the total body awareness Yantra provides was achieved.

Once we worked ourselves up to the 10 minutes a day recommended for beginners, we began to experience a juxtaposition of energy and peace, similar to that post-Yoga high we wish we Starbucks would learn how to brew. When able to rest on the acupuncture mat for 20 minutes a day, we noticed an enhancement in our sleeping habits and less tension in our worked-out shoulders.

Now we handle the pain like Rentboy.com pros and our mind-body connection is as harmonious as we wish all the other relationships in our lives were. When will a Yantra Mat arrive that can alleviate that drama?

$49 – $69

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Since we can’t be there to rub your shoulders as a thank you for reading Gay List Daily, our friends at Yantra Mat have provided us with a special code that entitles you to 20% off your purchase at their e-store! Simply enter the code “RELAX” upon checkout to redeem.