Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

3-1-1! We Get It, Now Stop Yelling At Us, TSA Agents!

3flozIf you haven’t been to the airport lately, you haven’t had a 32-ounce can of Aqua Net torn from your hands at the security checkpoint. Doesn’t the TSA understand that gay men can’t travel with just 3 ounces of ANYTHING? Forcing us to reduce our beauty regimens to what can fit in a 1-quart ziploc bag is simply barbaric.

Well now, in the “Why Didn’t We Think of That?” category, comes 3floz.com, a web site dedicated to everything you could ever need (except a refreshing cocktail or emergency ranch dressing packet) in handy 3 ounce or less containers. Genius!

With high-end brands like Billy Jealousy and Molton Brown, this isn’t some cheap site for unloading factory rejects of Suave and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.

So now you can walk through the metal detector with your head held high. Well, until you get to the X-ray machine that shows you naked. Then, well, not everyone is quite so cocky.