Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Five Stud Poker Face

Before ChatRoulette, a prison-sized box of Trojans, an economy-gallon of Gun Oil and a quick prayer to Our Lady of Gaga helped us do the tricks.

But now, thanks to the cultural sensation that is the website/cam-chat service, we go through men with the tenacity of Liz Taylor or Jackie Collins without needing the local walk-in clinic on speed dial.

Like most viral stars on the interwebs, ChatRoulette acquired immense fame, and suddenly we ran the risk of showing up live – in whatever state we happened to be ChatRouletting ourselves – in front of a Ben Fold’s audience.

The excitement dissolved quicker than our Listerine Strip dinner.

Telepathically aware of our frolicking frustration, the team behind a French version of ChatRoulette rolled up their sleeves to create a strictly-gay incarnation of the popular roulette web-camming service.

Lo-hanging and behold, we now have CamToGays.com, where it’s very unlikely that whatever you’re doing on your webcam will show up at a random concert or on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It’s also unlikely that you’ll stumble upon as many naked strangers as the early stages of ChatRoulette afforded; CamToGays enforces a strict no-nudity policy – that is, unless you and your camming partner agree to take the clothes off.

On second thought, if we were the betting type (we are), we’d gamble that this little caveat in terms does in fact make it likely that users will land on the webcams of many naked strangers within the course of a night.

Which sounds like a win, win to us!