Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Thrillin’ Grace

For the past few days, we’ve been living in an alternate reality.

The signature Texas heat, world-class shopping and cultural overload sure remind us of Dallas, but something is different. Perhaps it’s the cowboys roaming freely around town, not simply materializing in time for Happy Hour at the Round-Up.

So what is this faraway land of make-believe? None other than our sister city, neighbor to the west, sharer of the hyphen in D-FW – Fort Worth. And it’s 100% real, baby.

While in town for the Fort Worth Opera Festival, we were treated like queens (the royal kind, not the lispy-throw-a-martini-on-a-bitch kind). So with the final weekend of the FWO fest and the 12th edition of Q Cinema (Fort Worth’s fab Gay and Lesbian Internaional Film Festival) upon us, we know many of you will be calling Cowtown home for a few days. So for the rest of the week, the Gay List Daily Dallas edition will magically transform into the Gay List Daily Fort Worth edition, highlighting three great ways to put some glitter in your giddyup while you’re there.

Whether you’re in town to catch the gay-themed opera Before Night Falls or the Southwest Premiere of Violet Tendencies, a girl’s gotta eat – and we recommend eating well.

At Grace, one of Fort Worth’s hottest fine-dining restaurants, we were wowed from the moment the napkin hit our lap.

The gorgeous space is so tastefully understated, we felt immediately welcome and at ease. We were in suits for the opera, but would’ve felt just as comfortable in a pair of sassy jeans and a button-down shirt. The crowd was a mix of old and young, frequent diners and those clearly out for a special-occasion meal. But everyone was treated to five-star service from the instant they walked in the door. Classy.

But we were there to eat, not conduct one of our wildly under-funded sociological studies. Plus, we were already running late, so we had to be on our menu selection A Game.

Our server recommended the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake as a must-have starter, so being the submissive agreeable type, we approved. And let’s just say, we could’ve ended the meal right there. The gigantic crab cake was simply a luscious mound of lump crab, nary an annoying filler in site. A rich whole-grain mustard sauce stood in for the typical aioli found in most restaurants, with a surprise twist in a colorful scattering of pink grapefruit segments. Hearty, yet delicate, this is easily one of our Top Five Crab Cakes of all time (yes, we keep track of such things).

For second courses, we were equally enchanted by the Spring Pea Soup. This ain’t your typical Linda Blair pea soup, either. This was fresh, lightly sweet and totally unexpected, thanks to a generous Maine lobster dumpling and horseradish crème fresh.

Equally enticing in its simplicity was the Organic Local Greens salad, with crispy potatoes, Texas goat cheese and tiny citrus beets. It was refreshing and just the light course needed to usher in a few more plates of decadence.

Main course musts include the Maine Diver Scallops, each resting atop a large shallot potato cake with American caviar butter sauce. The potato cakes were a little too large, but the nearly equally gigantic scallops were able to keep the spotlight firmly focused on them.

We recommend creating a unique surf-and-turf by sharing the scallops and the Colorado Rack of Lamb, which if you’re keeping tally, is easily in our Top Two (ooooh!) Lamb Chops of all time (this is getting serious). The four generous chops (two remaining conjoined), were delicately perched atop a delightful cauliflower puree and then topped with a sauce made from golden raisins. No mint-jelly BS here. Had Mary come to Grace, she would’ve had a little lamb, a little more lamb, and a few orders of lamb wrapped in a foil swan to go.

It was only twenty minutes to curtain, but our server assured us we’d make it to the Bass on time, refusing to let us leave without dessert. It was down to the been-there-done-that molten chocolate puddingy thing (which we always love), or the intriguingly pedestrian-sounding Cinnamon Doughnuts. No contest, he assured us. Moments later, two large, lovely doughnuts appeared. Rather than something demure like one would expect after such a gluttonous meal, we were treated to two large, ample doughnut breasts, each topped with a beautiful cinnamony nipple.

Yes, we ate boobs for dessert. And loved every bite.

But we had barely licked our last nip before we were whisked away three blocks to Bass Hall in Grace’s private Mercedes. Now, we can’t promise you the same rock star treatment, but something tells us they’d do the same for anyone.

Anyone as fabulous as we are, that is.

Reservations Recommended
777 Main Street, Fort Worth
(Between 6th and 7th Streets)
(817) 877-3388
Valet parking available