Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beach Balls

Beach water is never as warm as it needs to be. Given that, we don’t like that our super-sexy swim-trunks become a thermometer for beach goers to gauge the water temperature as soon as we emerge from the waves.

With a little help form Mr. Busy Balls we can fool them into believing the water is warmer.

Utilizing a sprinkle heavy pour of flamboyant flare, the oh-so gay swimsuits from the fresh brand pack more prostate punch than typical trunks in the form of a waterproof pad embedded within each pair to provide a boost to the wearer’s manhood, cold water be damned.

Want your baggage boosted without lifting a finger? Skip Rentboy.com (where most right-wing closet cases go to find their “baggage boosters”) and have what you’re packing find a lift with Mr. Busy Balls!

The brand sent us a pair of basic black brief-like trunks, and after wearing them around the office all day (it’s in the name of science, people), we’ve decided we like the extra junk under the hood the pair provides.

Still, it takes some getting used to.

The padding is nowhere near subtle and runs the risk of making the wearer appear like he’s smuggling a bottle of Chambord to the beach (don’t put it past us). But Mr. Busy Balls obviously thinks a-head (and a-balls, hardy, har) and has made the extra padding removable, you know, in case the wearer finds that the bulge is too big (two words we rarely ever pair together).

Whether you remove the pad or not, we won’t judge (yes we will); either way, the trunks from Mr. Busy Balls round out (literally) one’s summer beach attire to a mouthwatering effect.