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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Something unique and brilliantly multi-dimensional has been mined, ravishing readers, and its Marina and the Diamonds.

Sure, when it comes to pop enchantresses (aside from a certain church we congregate at called Our Lady of Gaga), they’re typically nothing but derivative, unoriginal cubic-zirconium. With Marina, the UK’s latest radio waves export, we have a true gem unlike anything found around the iPod headphone necks of music fanatics stateside.

Marina is no stranger to dazzling hipster audiophiles. The half-Greek/half-Welsh chanteuse has produced chart-topper after chart-topper for Euro bottoms for over a year. But with the latest single “I Am Not A Robot” infecting U.S. airwaves, the timing for her international debut record The Family Jewels couldn’t be better.

In possession of a voice that’s somewhat operatic, somewhat magical, and fully whimsical, Marina continues serving up unconventional pop on her debut LP, even after “…Robot.”

Screw pearl necklaces, The Family Jewels provides a string of diamonds for us to lust over, including our favorites like the quirky album opener “Are You Satisfied,” the disco-flavored “Shampain,” and the eccentrically epic “Mowgli’s Road.”

Tracks like these and others (we love her BBC cover of 3OH3!’s “Starstrukk”!) ensure that Marina shines like a diamond in the rough when compared to her pop heroine contemporaries such as La Roux and Florence and the Machine.

Believe us when we say to get your hands on The Family Jewels as quickly as possible (obvious pun intended)!

Deluxe edition available on iTunes for $12.99

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