Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Anti-Wrinkle Dream

Sweat has its time and place. One of the places it’s not welcome is at the office, which, though it certainly sounds arcane, is still a place where many American LGBT folks are legally unwelcome – until relevant additions to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act are made (call or email your representative and encourage them to pass a fully-inclusive ENDA).

Politics aside, despite our pleas with Al Reynolds, summer insists on encroaching upon our comfort territory, and will soon make it too hot – even in the dewy a.m. – to bike/walk/scooter/joyride/stumble-still-drunk-from-the-previous-night (whatever your mode) to work without walking in the door looking like Whitney Houston, along with crinkles and wrinkles and all those things we hate (whether on skin or fabric) running from our crow’s feet to our literal feet.

With a little help from Highson Suit Commute we can at least ease some of the wrinkle and sweat distress.

The backpack’s size (which can also convert into a hold-all or pannier), waterproof and lightweight fabric, and included flexible hanger all conspire to get your freshly-ironed suit from the ironing board to the board meeting in tip-top (well, bottoms are usually pickier about their presentation, generally speaking, so:) tip-bottom shape.

Moreover, the Suit Commute can pack more in its tiny frame than Tila Tequila on a dare: aside from fitting a full suit (up to 44-inches), the contraption also will hold your shoes, towels and up to a 17-inch laptop.

Finally, we can bike to work in our Spanx and arrive at the desk with a crisp suit as dry as Abu Dhabi.