Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Swallow Your Pride!

Sure, at this time of year we turn the food pyramid upside down and paint it pink so that a healthy meal of ice chips and five minutes looking at a rice cake constitutes a well-rounded Speedo-season diet, but there’s something else we do every year around now: fill our bodies with Pride.

Usually it’s in the form of (in Pride Parade Sunday typical chronological order): bloody marys, mimosas, chai latte, bellinis, sangria, Stella, half a red bull, margarita, frozen margarita, an Evian, Long Island Iced Tea…and that’s just at Pride brunch!

But no longer is filling up on another decadent Pride treat limited to just the LGBT in Dallas; finally every Proud Mary across the country can celebrate the national holigay with Pride Cakes.

We pointed our ravishing Dallas readers to Food Network Challenge winner Bronwen Weber’s (pictured) rainbow treats from heaven a few months back. But for Chef Weber to get all of GAYmerica to go crazy over scrumptious baked goods during prime shirtless season, she knew she’d have to do one of two things: make the gourmet treats available in more than just the Dallas area, or offer a free side of Kellan Lutz for us to spend our Skymiles on a last-minute trip to the Lone Star State.

With flying (literally, overnight and packed in between dry ice containers) rainbow colors, Chef Weber’s Pride Cakes accomplish the former, (though we’ll still press her on getting Kellan Lutz for an in-store meating – typo and it stays).

As we say every summer to revelers around the country we stumble into on parade routes (though this time it fits a different context): open wide and swallow some Pride!

$39 per dozen
Overnight, dry-iced shipping and handling: $75