Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jean-etic Therapy

Most folks could use a good therapist – especially those delicate items that have been through a lot, like our jeans. They’re totally distressed, so we’re enrolling them in Denim Therapy.

Roughly the price of 45 minutes of people therapy, Denim Therapy keeps your relationship with cherished pairs of jeans intact, no matter the score of rips, tears or shreds wedging themselves in between you and your Calvins.

Sure, if you’re a frat boy, the ripped or factory-distressed look might work for you, but when it comes to that perfect item we want wrapped around our legs for the rest of our days, just like with our knight in shining armor (who should be arriving any day now, says mother), we expect them to always be clean and presentable.

None of that riff raff, please.

With Denim Therapy, our beloved pairs will never need to be relegated to dish rags (or less honorable rags within our dirty employ). Instead, we can pack ‘em up and ship ‘em off for rehabilitation, expertly offered by tailors at the company who take the time and care to return our denim to its pristine state…unless our beloved’s pristine state is meant to sport that gaping hole a little south of the belt buckles.

Those pairs can stay home with Daddy while the others go off to see the therapist.

Roughly $7/inch, not including S&H