Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We’ll Take A Window Seat

We want to send your taste buds on a vacation across the Atlantic for our Brunch of the Month selection because if you’re like us, there aren’t going to be any big fancy trips this summer. It has nothing to do with bad finances, either. We’re just still scared of volcanic ash. Call it post-traumatic Dante’s Peak.

Anyway, we were feeling particularly nostalgic for France, where the word “brunch” is roughly translated as, well, “brunch.” (Maybe if we put a “le” in front of it it’ll sound more exotic.) So we headed over to Knox Street staple Toulouse, the next-best thing to being in a real Parisian café. And we’d always heard le brunch there was incredible.

Little did we know, the view outside would almost trump the food. The conversation at our table would stop about every three minutes as we’d each jerk our heads to see the shirtless Adonis-of-the-moment running by, mere feet away on the Katy Trail. (And the view inside the air-conditioned restaurant is every bit as good as the one from the patio. Thank you, we’ll sit outside again in the fall.)

“Look at those abs!” we’d shout as we stuffed our faces full of delicious beignets.

“That’s quite possibly the most chiseled chest I’ve ever seen!” (the slurping noise from our Mimosas nearly drowning out our exclamations)

“Yeah, but check out the legs on the hottie behind the guy on that stupid bike!” we screamed, creamery butter stuck to our faces from the homemade baguettes.

Yes, brunch at Toulouse almost makes us want to put our fork down and ask for a protein shake rather than filling ourselves with rich French food, but really, this represents the best of both worlds. We get to eat great food and ogle incredibly fit guys who’ve done all the hard work for us. After all, we’re looking out a window, not in the mirror. (Orange French Toast for everyone!)

But let’s (finally) get to the point of Brunch of the Month: the food. There are several great options on the menu, but the omelettes here are the real standout. They’re unlike anything you’ll find at most American restaurants. The eggs are perfectly fluffy and practically soufflé-like in their defiance of gravity and conventional appearance. These babies are le real deal.

The Omelette Provençale is filled with Ratatouille and Goat Cheese.

The Special Omelette on our visit was stuffed with Smoked Salmon and Asparagus.

Create your own masterpiece with choices like Ham, Fontina Cheese, Gruyère Cheese, Spinach, Mushroom or Onions. Simple ingredients to be sure, but trust us, they’ll be elevated to greatness.

Or if you want to be one step closer to the underwear models running past, glistening in the sunlight, the aptly named Katy Trail omelette of egg whites, fontina cheese, spinach and mushrooms just might be what the personal trainer ordered.

Hell, just thinking about it makes us feel fitter already.

3314 Knox Street, Dallas
(214) 520-8999