Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Summer Sole-stice

We’re here. We’re queer. We’re hot and our feet our tired. Marching is a lot of work – even more so if we’re unsure of the current shoe styles hitting Boystown pavement throughout Pride season. As your fairy godfathers, we make it our delicious duty to keep your feet wrapped in fashion-and-both-feet-forward thinking. All we ask is that you think of us when you’re staring at these stylish shoes waving in the air above your heads at the post-Pride party.

Vanishing Elephant Ferris Leather Desert Boot
Kansas be damned, evolution exists. It’s apparent even in footwear, where last year’s chukka boot has evolved to form the oh-so-popular desert boot currently conquering 2010. While we like the traditional suede the bulky trend is typically found in, Vanishing Elephant’s leather offering has caught our queer, waterproof-mascara-ed eye. Perfect for both the office and an upscale summertime BBQ, the tan shoe is ideal for nearly every situation – except, ironically, the desert.


Work Out
Scott T2 Pro
We’ve only had a handful (some might say literally) of Scott who make our feet feel fabulous, but never once have they been shoes. Beneath-the-radar (though not for long) athletic shoe company Scott has wowed us with what might be our favorite shoe for summer, the T2. Built for triathlons, the T2 is waterproof, lightweight, breathable and easy to get into. Like us, Scott’s T2 is unavoidably sexy and makes it simple for guys to slip on in; instead of tying and untying laces, simply unlatch the back, pull down, and insert foot. We’ll leave the jokes covering the last sentence up to you.


Work It
SeaVees Boating Moccasin
Boat shoes – a leftover from last year – show no signs of slowing down. Instead of completely discarding their current hold on the trendy shoe world, how about appreciate a new hybrid that looks back to the style’s reign over our feet and forward to the oncoming onslaught of the moccasin? SeaVees captures the current boat madness with a twist – a Native American twist. Appropriate for any summer scenario, the boating moccasin is the way to go with the flow, while paddling quickly to stay ahead of the trends at the same time.