Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lab Work It, Girl

They say age is nothing but a number. A number of reasons for us to run, face first into a supply closet at the Juvederm clinic, that is.

When it comes to quantifying and researching the number of ways society’s modern apprehension for aging seeps into the gay psyche, we take our questions to the Lab – the Lab Series, that is.

For years the men’s skincare brand has held a spot at the top, seen in more gay men’s bathrooms than Pedi-eggs or magazine racks stacked with back issues of Martha Stewart Living. And now, in a relative first for the men’s segment of the beauty industry, Lab Series has released an anti-aging cream specifically designed for the furrows and crow’s feet that can only be acquired from years of manliness: the Max LS Ageless Face Cream.

We received a package in our slot filled with the magical goo (don’t take that statement the wrong way) to test for this story. Don’t cry for us; though it’s another example of the laborious, treacherous research we conduct for your benefit, ravishing readers, we’re happy to oblige.

Like Doc’s time machine in those Back to the Future movies that came out when we our-parents our grandparents were young, it took a few times of usage before the right effects were noticed. In our case, it was only a few weeks of nightly application until a lack of lines in our problem areas could be detected. Viva la future!

Seriously though, whatever hoodoo is going on in Lab Series’s Max LS (they say it’s cutting edge technology called Sirtuin and its effects on skin cell longevity) is freaky. But we don’t mess with that stuff. We won’t ask any questions and vow to just let the supernatural stuff do its work.

All we’ll do is look in the mirror-encrusted container of the product to see our ever-younger, twink self staring back, asking us to buy him liquor. How cute!

$65 for 1.7 oz