Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tread Man Walking

After several weeks of trying to get us in, we finally completed a workout at Tread Fitness. We just got back from our first session a few minutes ago and we could really use a helper monkey right about now to get this story typed. But since the SPCA has a restraining order against us and our tiny obsession with tiny primates, we’ll just have to push through. One. Key. At. A. Time.

“Push through.” That’s a term they use a lot at Tread Fitness, especially as we looked around for the nearest emergency exit, all-you-can-eat buffet, or fully stocked bar. But being the super troopers that we are, we stuck with it and have all the pain to go with the soon-to-be-seen-in-a-swimsuit gain.

And we couldn’t feel more exhilarated. Who knew that a treadmill served a function greater than an overflow clothing display device? It’s true, this is one great little workout machine. (Somebody could sell them to gyms and make a fortune!)

The secret to a Tread Fitness workout is variety. The CrossTread class is their signature offering, which is a full-hour, full-body, sweat extravaganza. You start out on a treadmill and alternate between walking, running and sprinting. After several sets, you jump off and hit the weights and go through some resistance training.

Then it’s back to the treadmill for virtual hill climbing. HILL CLIMBING. We’ll never forgive that bitch in The Sound of Music for making climbing sound so delightful. But the climb is over soon enough and it’s back to weights, and finally a few minutes of passing out stretching.

There are no locker rooms, so if you want to shower, keep a gallon of water in your car and strip down in the parking lot. Bring your own towel, too, because there will be sweat. And lots of it.

Most importantly, however, the class is fun. The intructor/DJ keeps the music pumping and the variety of exercises keeps things interesting. The hour flew by and after only one class, we think we’re hooked.

They also have classes for Back & Shoulders, Glutes & Calves, and Abs & Arms if you want to obsess on a couple body parts at a time. And all classes have at least one “light” version per day if you don’t want to challenge yourself too quickly. But the class is so easy to customize to your own fitness level, that we promise, you’ll be fine in any class.

Then, drop us a line and we can form our own treadmill performance troupe. We’ll call ourselves The Grateful Tread. Or Right Tread Fred. Or maybe the Tread Hot Chili Peppers.

Wow, we’re so light-headed, the horrendous puns are almost worse than the ones in Sex and the City 2. Please forgive us for stooping to that level.

Single Classes start at $20 and drop to $12 depending on the size of your package. (The number of classes you purchase, we mean.) No contract or membership required.

Tread Fitness
5150 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 103
Dallas, Texas 75209
(214) 599-9737

Mixer Tomorrow
Don’t miss tomorrow evening’s Gay List Daily mixer. We're going to back to one of our faves – the ilume. In fact, we'll be hanging out by their gorgeous pool, sipping on complimentary vodka cocktails!

We had more than 200 handsome and fascinating people the last time we visited the ilume. You don't want to miss the fun! We'll be out by the pool. Just enter through the impeccably designed sales office on Knight Street.

Everyone's invited – invite your friends, neighbors, hags…

Vodka generously provided by Smirnoff.

Gay List Daily Mixer
Wednesday, June 16, 6-8 p.m.
ilume, poolside (enter through sales office on Knight Street)
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