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Fit For A McQueen

Visionary. The definition of fashion. Misunderstood. Brilliant.

But enough about us.

The late, great Alexander McQueen was an undisputed icon and our eyes would still be filled with tears over the world's loss if we had missed our placenta injection appointment.

Those left in charge of the celebrated fashion house have decided the world is ready for McQueen's final non-runway project that he worked on before his death: men's underwear. After careful review, we’ve decided the late designer’s final project is a great way to kick off any summertime outfit.

Subdued in comparison to McQueen's over-the-bottom couture creations, the relatively minimal briefs, boxers and silk pajamas in the collection don't shy away from elegance.

If his designs for Gaga or Madonna provided any inclination of his foray into the underpants of men, one might suspect abstract and Victorian underwear designs, perhaps a powdered lace banana sling with liger-print accents. To the contrary, the new collection is kept simple, the most eye-popping extravagance (aside from what we're packing inside of them) being the late-designer's name engraved in large-type upon the waistbands.

While his genius runway creations will likely be his legacy over the new clean-cut underwear line, we can only hope that a man's package is the last thing we're working on before our great, glittery time is up, too.

$55, underwear
$555, silk pajamas