Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Balls To The Waltz

Looking for a little man-on-man action tonight? Or gal-on-gal? Then check out same-sex ballroom dance classes at Gocha & Shorena Center of Dance. Finally, you can twirl with purpose!

For years, we’ve loved watching two cowboys or two cowgirls swinging each other around at the Round-Up Saloon, but dreamed of a day when cha-chas, waltzes and tangos could be made less heterosexual. Until now, ballroom dancing might as well have been deer hunting, Golden Corral-frequenting or Prop 8-supporting it was so damn straight, sparkly outfits notwithstanding.

But Russian ballroom dancing superstars Shorena Gachechiladze and Gocha Chertkoev have settled in Dallas and they’re foxtrotting into entirely new territory with their same-sex classes. And we’re so excited!

Starting tonight, like the worlds of hairdressing, flower arranging and interior design before it, the ballroom dancing universe is about to go full gay. And we hope you check it out if for no other reason than to raise a few eyebrows at the next wedding you attend when you and your partner hit the dance floor in a blatant exhibition of out-and-proud ball change.

Plus, we think we’ll look really good with a red rose in our teeth.

Lessons begin tonight, $260 for 10 sessions
Gocha & Shorena Center of Dance
2507 Knight Street, Dallas
(214) 526-9100