Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pump Up The Juice

Turning non-alcoholic liquids into the potent party stuff is no longer just a wedding trick performed by Jesus, Gay List Daily’s overnight IT person who thought it’d be a good idea to bring a flask of the sweet nectar to a friend’s dry wedding. Jesus was promptly given a raise and made employee of the month.

We all need to live each day invoking what Jesus would do, and with Spike Your Juice we can do just that.

The sealed tasty yeast packets are an answer from God herself, allowing us to transform any juice (as long as it contains sugar) into our very own alcoholic beverage.

Don’t believe? Let us convert you.

We poured the Spike Your Juice packet into our favorite pomegranate/blueberry juice blend, sealed the bottle with Spike Your Juice’s included airlock and reusable cap, let it sit out in room temperature for 48 hours and voila! We then had our own organic pomegranate/blueberry wine cooler (what it tasted like to us after the process)!

It’s less complicated than the bathtub moonshine project our Peepaws attempted when we were youngins back in the hills and just as decadent as the prison cell sangria our on-again off-again boyfriend reeks of every time we schedule a visit with the county.

In other words, it’s the perfect mix of DIY alcohol and off-brand Zima! That’s not at all half bad and the perfect project for a drunken rainy day (or two).

Kit of 6 packets, $9.99