Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Canine Cribs

There are endless ways one can take advantage of the Euro's lowest exchange rate in years: that last minute Atlantis cruise; a trip to Mykynos; a week of shopping in gay Paris.

But if we've learned anything from Suze Orman, it's that we shouldn’t live beyond our means. Instead, we'll live beyond our dog's means and take advantage of the low Euro with a brand-sparkling/barking new dog mansion shipped from overseas!

Our dog deserves it, after all.

Thanks to the gnarling recession of the past two years she's been sleeping at our feet (which are only pedicured biweekly now – cutbacks, people!) on 500-count-thread sheets instead of the 1,000-count Egyptians we pawned away last month for tickets to Gay Days. We've even been financially forced to cut back on Fido's food. Now it's just Kibbles, no Bits.

Since experts are starting to perceive the state of the economy through rose-tinted glasses once again, we think it's time for our pooch to finally achieve the American dream she's been sleep-running on for years: a backyard mini-mansion from Best Friend’s Home.

Four available designs are ready to be shipped from Europe, including the stately, plantation-style Alabama (from $3,435 to $3,555), the modern-art installation invoking Cubix ($2,290 to $2,459), the sure to be a hit with the gays pink princess palace “Fairytale” ($2,892), and the rustic “Lönneberga” cabin ($3,254 to $3,435).

If the pink Rapunsil-like “Fairytale” style isn't everything you've dreamed of for Fido (regardless of its sex), Best Friend's Homes will build and ship a dog mansion based on your customizations, making it even easier to show your pooch that you're the only bitch who’s allowed to be on all fours in the bedroom.

International shipping rates vary