Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

TGI Thursday!

We know there are many of you who’ve never been to White Rock Lake without it involving undercover police officers conducting sting operations in the bushes. If that’s you, we’re sorry you haven’t heard of a little thing called the Internet for your hookup needs. It’s more civilized, there are fewer chances of getting chiggers and there’s very little risk of Becky Oliver popping out with a camera crew.

For the rest of us, White Rock Lake is a beautiful place to run, bike and walk our dogs. The gorgeous Dallas Arboretum is the crown jewel of the lake and there’s hardly a Thursday night in the summer or fall that you won’t find us there with a large picnic blanket, a case of wine and three or four of our closest friends.

That’s because summer is all about Cool Thursdays. But rest assured, the name has nothing to do with the sweltering temperatures and everything to do with the quality of the performers. Each week you’ll find something different, from toe-tappin’ country-western to soulful jazz to booty-shaking, boogie-fever-inducing disco.

Famous people can often be seen there, too. Elton John, Madonna and Liza have all been spotted in recent weeks. OK, so it was Elton John McSwaggle (local pool cleaner), Madonna Martinez (cook at El Taco Loco) and “Liza with an S,” Lisa Minelli (our favorite dry cleaner), but they count as celebrities, right? Maybe not in the TMZ sense, but you know they’re stars in the eyes of their mothers and who are we to question that?

Each performance starts at 7:30 p.m. and by sunset, you’ve got the best view in town of gorgeous White Rock Lake and a soundtrack to go along with it. Come about thirty minutes early to stake out your piece of grass then sit back and relax.

You can bring your own beer, wine and food, so not only is it an inexpensive night out, it’s a chance to get closer to nature (and that DILF two blankets over).

Individual pre-purchased tickets: $16 (non-members); $8 (Arboretum members)
$2 surcharge if purchased at the box office night of show
8525 Garland Road, Dallas
(214) 515-6500

Gay List Give Away
We’ve got a bunch of free tickets to the shows listed below. Simply send us your name and the date of the performance you’d like to win tickets to (or put “I’m Easy. Any night is good”) via our Contact Us page by Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. to be eligible. One entry per person.

June 24 – The Project
July 1 – Le Freak
July 15 – Professor D
October 7 – Cuvée