Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Odd Coupling

Forget everything you know about chocolate. These days, America's favorite dessert is configured in a myriad of confounding recipes that seem to defy logic. But Komforte Chockolate's update on the classic comfort food might just take the cake…err, chocolate bar.

Obviously, we tend to pay attention when newfangled chocolate creations contain alcohol like the champagne truffles we pointed you to last year.

Hi, we're Gay List Daily, and we're chocoholics.

The unconventional wisdom found inside of Komforte's dark chocolate bars unfortunately doesn’t involve alcohol (gasp!), but does possess odd couplings one might guess Snoop Dogg or Cheech dreamed up late in the night.

We have nothing against odd items that don't seem right for each other being brought together in bliss. Demi and Ashton. Oprah and Steadman. Chocolate and Ramen. We can't appeal to the “bliss” experienced by the first two unlikely pairs, but the final odd couple, once introduced to our mouths, was assessed, as most couples we come across our tongues. The verdict? Delicious!

However, if the idea of a threesome with your mouth, Ramen and chocolate doesn't get you hot and bothered, you might be more Komfortable with the artisan chocolatier's two other sophisticated combinations: French toast, or tortilla, lime and salt (our favorite).

In fact, the tortilla, lime and salt chocolate bar goes hand in hand with our choice drink of summer: frozen margaritas. See? Things are pairing well these days!

Romance must be in the air… Or is that just our lime-and-chocolate-tinted breath?

$3/bar; $29.95/12 pack