Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lowering The Bar

Like water is to the Wicked Witch of the West, flip-flops and Crocs are to Anna Wintour. You may not be sure if that’s a good or bad thing (The September Issue did add a dimension of palpable humanity to Miss Wintour), but we’re here to tell you it is a bad thing.

What we and Ms. Wintour do enjoy seeing on the feet of men in summer (other than our necks) are low-cut sneakers, slip-ons, Converse, boat shoes, oxfords…the list is nearly as long as, well, the September issue of Vogue.

We’re butch enough to admit that these footwear preferences don’t come without their caveats, the biggest being socks.

With the same gusto we bring to the bed table when ready to tackle something big, Mocc Socks brings to defeat our largest issue with summertime footwear and socks.

Designed specifically for those who like low-cut shoes but erroneously believe that it’s OK to rock out with their socks out (as the brand cleverly puts it), Mocc Socks go lower than Elton John in front of a $1m paycheck from Rush Limbaugh.

And unlike the G-string sticking out from our muffin bottom, these clandestine socks don’t show even a hint of their existence and pair perfectly with boat shoes and the rest of our seasonal favorites.

After all, some things just have got to be kept secret – except for the fact that we now have fashionable and fragrant feet!

One pair, $8
Three pairs, $20
Five pairs, $30