Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rodent Revolution

Touchscreen tablets and laptops might want to exterminate the mouse, but the little buggers have evolution on their sides. They’ve been around for millennia, will be around after we get our pearl necklace inside the big pearly gates, and thanks to the “Boy Toy” from Pat Says Now, they’re back and cuter than ever.

For the first time since the 90s, we want to keep a mouse in our home – though this one doesn’t make us shriek in high-pitch upon first glimpse. Oh wait, yes it does.

We spend all night putting our fingers over hard-bodied mens, so why not spend all day?

The Adonis-torso replicated in the “Boy Toy” mouse allows us to get a grip at the office – homo office, that is. While we don’t mind flaunting our in-your-face sexuality at work, “Boy Toy” might make our productivity decline faster than the Ronnie Kroell Playgirl spread did a few weeks ago.

The specs this man boasts are actually authentic (none of those Grindr exaggerations): the “Boy Toy” mouse includes state-of-the-art 800 DPI optical technology, affording unparalleled sensitivity to your motions (especially when you touch its nipple areas). And because of the sensitivity, no archaic, dusty mousepad is required!

Finally, hardware that reminds us just how we like our hard men: free of any padding.