Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rub One Out

Back in the day, when we thought we had finally reached our full level of sophistication, a high-end haircut meant we’d upgraded from Fantastic Sam’s to the Regis in the mall. Yes, we really were that fancy.

But now, forget it. The thought of a mall haircut actually makes us throw up in our mouth a little. We want exclusive treatments, cocktails and celebrity stylists.

At the newly opened Salon Lucien, we’ve discovered our latest obsession. And his name is John Vega. John Vega of Size 14-foot fame. (That’s our kind of celebrity–wink,wink.) He’s a licensed massage therapist and let’s just say he and head go together like peanut-butter and jelly. He worked wonders with our scalp.

Our thirty-minute service included a full hair therapy treatment, a luxuriating shampoo and full (long) scalp massage. Next time, we may ask to book three appointments in a row. (Hell, we’d pay somebody just to slowly run a brush through our hair for hours. Anything involving scalp rubbing is just sooooo relaxing.)

But John’s also a great hair stylist, too, having worked in the industry for more than 22 years. Now, he’s not the only person working at the salon, he’s just our favorite! And for men’s color services (or Mike Brady perms), you can even request to be upstairs in a smaller salon-within-the-salon. Because even though we’re gay, sometimes we feel a little too gay when people see us sitting there with foil strips in our hair (not to mention those funky pink toe separators while our polish dries).

Salon Lucien is in a great location (Preston Center) and the décor is fab. So fab, that one of the designers actually lost a finger (or part of one, at least) creating the stunning light fixture in the main salon. Now that’s suffering for your art!

Add a scalp treatment to your next hair cut or color service, or just get one on its own. You, too, may find yourself saying “Swedish, Schmedish” next time you’re ready for a massage.

8411 Preston Road, Suite102, Dallas
(214) 369-2500
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