Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bheestie Friends Forever

Sucking something dry is an area of prowess we might know a thing or three about. (We’re talking about cocktails, in case you’ve heard otherwise.)

When it comes to our electronics, however, what we should do after they get wet isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

The second our iPhones, watches, Androids, Zunes (are those still around?) and cameras (you get the picture) slip from the back pocket of our Zegna trunks and into the pool or toilet of the beach cruising stall, there aren’t any jaws of life (including ours!) around that can return them from the dead.

Or are there?

We produced a little reality-show in our heads to find our very own BFF for the summer, and Bheestie totally won. It sucked our whacked out, wet gadgets dry quicker than Betty White does her Benefiber Chewables!

Like all good BFF’s, Bheestie tags along unobtrusively, whether we’re at the beach, the Pride pool party or the urinal trough at The Eagle. When our clumsy (a.k.a. drunk) booty’s drop a gadget into the water, our Bheestie comes to the rescue by absorbing the unintended moisture from our drenched device.

Simply slip the item in question in our Bheestie’s moisture-absorbent pocket, and retrieve it dry moments later! (Which sounds just like a parlor-trick our human bestie once taught us…)