Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Steel That Look

Detroit has screwed us in the past and now it’s doing it again, this time with multi-tiered screwed rings.

Father and son metallurgists under the moniker Robert Anthony Design have launched a collection of highly-appointed steel men's accessories, culled from inspiration found on the very literal hard streets of Detroit.

Yea, a heft of the collection includes steel sculptures that might look most appropriate on the hands of a very hetero Detroit Rock City rock star, but there’re still plenty of items left over that catch our queer eyes (as all things hard and shiny tend to).

A couple of the more creative offerings involve sunglasses – though no lenses, sun protection or glass are included in RAD's interpretation: one piece, a multi-finger ring, is designed as a pair of the oh-so-now Wayfarer style sunglasses; the other, a pair of steel perforated glasses is designed for strict aesthetics (we think the shades might actually enhance any available sunlight) and ready to turn the wearer into a hardcore male Gaga (otherwise known as Adam Lambert).

Also for those who might find the Swiss-Army- and Wolverine-resembling detailed beauties too butch for their swish lists is a RAD-designed steel bow tie that we'd actually rock …err, metal to a less-formal affair.

Though judging by its sharp steel edges, we might have to cut back on our cocktail consumption or risk an unintended second neck job.

Rings from $120 – $385; glasses, $1200; bow tie, $300