Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Land, Ho(s)!

There is much booty to be discovered while navigating the digital waves.

Typically, cruising apps force us to put our anchors down and utilize only the iPhone or Android, limiting our conquests. Off-the-sonar gay social app Boy Ahoy lets us sail our slutty selves all over the Interwebs by boasting compatibility across all mobile phones, and a home base website that works as a side-trick to the mobile-service, too!

Sure, the same gimmicks are there: personal photos (though Boy Ahoy let's you add “private” additions to share); location-based chatting (though the Boy Ahoy-dedicated website and multi-phone compatibility increase the pool of seamen at your fingertips); adding favorites (though Boy Ahoy's “Hottie” feature informs you when your faves update pictures, statuses or post in community chat rooms).

All the workings of the cruise ship are there and more: community chat rooms to talk with multiple users, subtle winking features for the shy and passive aggressive, and even multiple public pictures in users' profiles!

Sure, there are still some bugs that annoy us – crashing issues here and there, logging in troubles and GPS oddities – but add in the ability to chat from our desktop (and add all the other guys near us that do the same and therefore show up on our mobiles), and the Boy Ahoy ship is far from a wreck.

A little more work and it might even be a treasure…

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