Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Garden Patch Variety

It’s official. It’s summer and we’re already hot and bothered – two factors that will conspire to have us down our knees, getting dirty in no time… in the garden.

As it is with all tools, there is a fine line (which we promptly have Botox’d) between the too-masculine and the too-feminine. Hammers and screwdrivers and whatchamacallits are all designed for the rugged butch guy who knows his way around a screw (can you send him our way if you find him?), while those tools somehow “meant for women” like flower cutters and garden shears often boast designs oozing more estrogen than the general admission section of a Justin Bieber concert.

We need something more versatile to get us in the mood to do our dirty work. That’s where the fabulously French Pylones comes in. With only a handful of stateside locations – all sprinkled throughout NYC – the colorful, offbeat brand now offers its creative line of goods online!

If you’re unfamiliar with the fun import, Plyones regurgitates (their fun collection looks like Cartoon Network on a sick day) everyday objects with a peculiarly playful imagination – like a set of fabulously-floral Hawaiian-inspired tools, bike locks disguised as cartoonish snakes and colorful (and ambiguous) garden rakes, shovels and pruners.

They’re the second prettiest tools we’ve ever held in our hands!

Prices vary