Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The T Party

Fashion is often a struggle. We need an entire batch of Boy Butter to slip ourselves into super skinny jeans. The chafing acquired from the harness we rock at Folsom Street festivals both east and west is nothing short of brutal. And forcing the salmon-color shorts we just purchased to complement our autumn skin tone is an epic battle worthy of its own Twilight-like series.

But the battles that truly matter are being fought by courageous souls who are not allowed to be their authentic selves. They wage their lives for a country that will toss them aside if they reveal whom they love.

While this nonsense remains on the books and receives more lip service in Washington than Rentboy.com “associates,” fashion is stepping up, particularly Kenneth Cole.

The design house has been weaving awareness into a special line of its t-shirts for some time now with the Awearness Campaign, but Kenneth Cole’s latest offering attacks Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

For the “Equali-T,” Kenneth Cole once again partners with the Human Rights Campaign to raise money for LGBT equality. As expected the gay, gay, gay partnership gets the tee just right, with environmentally-friendly fabric and a distressed knit and fit that affords a great vintage look.

Hopefully, with proceeds from the shirt and similar efforts from LGBT groups across the country, the t-shirt won’t be the only thing about DADT going vintage…

100% of proceeds benefit the Human Rights Campaign