Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Grease Is The Word

That loud rumble you hear as you drive down Maple Avenue is the near-deafening buzz surrounding Maple and Motor, a burger joint that opened a few months ago and has been gaining a rabid following ever since.

Our burger aficionado friends have been trying to get us to check this place out since January, but we just don’t make it down that way too often. (We take the back roads to the Tin Room after all.)

So last week, we headed over for lunch (then two days later for dinner – we’re already obsessed). As expected, a line snaked to the door, but it moved quickly and there were plenty of hot guys on their lunch breaks to keep us visually stimulated.

But nothing is quite as fun as watching people try to dodge the #1 rule of Maple and Motor: Don’t sit down until after you order. Despite the signs posted everywhere, we saw plenty of people try, and each of them were swept back in line with a firm-but-friendly reminder that nobody’s above the law here. Not even feeble old ladies. And you know what? The system works. After orders were placed, tables seemed to magically open for everyone. In the Dallas world of my-VIP-status-is-better-than-yours, it’s refreshing that here everybody is equal.

The burgers, on the other hand, are allowed to have a superiority complex. Everything you’ve heard about how great these burgers are is true. The half-pound wonder is cooked in its own juices and served with mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato and dill pickle relish. It’s all piled onto a warm toasted bun, but the cool ingredients are ice-cold and the meat is piping hot. It’s exactly the way a perfect burger should behave. The seventy-napkin juiciness of the whole thing isn’t exactly eco-friendly, but we can’t remember the last time we had such a big smile wiping so much off our chin.

Add-ons like thick-cut, CRISPY bacon, jalapeños or a fried egg certainly add a certain je ne sais quoi, but we think a mound of cheddar cheese is the only addition needed. When something is simply perfect, it should be enjoyed perfectly simple.

Save those extra calories for fantastic French Fries and amazing Onion Rings (pay the extra for a side of Ranch, it’s the only way to go). Trashy touches abound on the menu, like Fried Balogna Sandwiches and RC Cola in the fountain, but that’s the charm of this place. There’s just great food and no attitude.

That is, unless you try to snag a table when it’s not your turn.

4810 Maple Avenue, Dallas
(214) 522-4400