Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slay The Gray

Gold is the color of summer. Unless you’re Anderson Cooper or Colton Ford, silver is not.

While salt and pepper and even a full-on Silver Fox can present a mature, distinguished look that might send our legs over our head quicker than The Riddler Ride at Six Flags, we’re well aware that some men would rather return to their roots. As with everything good in life, an answer now might be found in pill form.

Inching us even closer to a future when everything – disease cures, daily nutrition, six pack abs – can be swallowed in a capsule and forgotten about are twice-daily pills from Go Away Gray, which says its discovered an all-natural solution to cure the gray!

Obviously we're too young to make ourselves appropriate bottom guinea pigs to test the miracle pills on, but the company’s president says that formula returns the Catalase enzyme – the widely-renowned missing culprit responsible for graying hair – to the hair follicles. After 6-8 weeks, claims Go Away Gray, the natural hair color is returned – naturally.

As with all issues that might afflict the hair of aging men (thinning, receding, graying), we say a clean, sexy buzz cut always does the trick (and helps bring him home from the bar, too). But it’d be hypocritical of us to lambast the latest technology in youth-science so quickly after our lunchtime eyelid-peel, embryonic-facial, knee-implant procedure!

$29.90 for one month supply
$59.80 for three bottles