Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beach Bums

What gay man doesn’t like looking at Butt? As for us, we eagerly await spreading Butt open every three months.

Obviously, we’re speaking of famed D.I.Y cult gay publication, Butt Magazine. If we only got the other kind of butt once every three months we’d be at risk of losing our minds much in the same way Michael Douglas did in that Falling Down flick.

Our favorite Butt has now expanded from the quarterly paper-publication biz to the beach-bum market with a new limited-line of beach towels featuring popular hirsute hunks from the mag.

That’s right: we’ll be lying atop a hot Butt this summer instead of being the hot butt, for once. Don’t cry for us Argen-queena’s – we’re OK with sharing the limelight for now.

The plus-sized towels are only available in the magazine’s familiar pink hue, but Butt and American Apparel offer a selection depicting five of the most-popular models splayed across their fronts, in black and white images varying in sexuality from “OK-for-the-family-beach” to “only-unfurl-on-Fire-Island.”

Perhaps better than being the biggest eye-catcher on the beach this summer is the fact that a portion of proceeds from each Butt towel benefits NYC’s Ali Forney Center for GLBTQ Youth.

So buy one online and get your Butt down to the beach!