Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Just Say Yes

Pill popping can be quite an undertaking if you’ve got a bunch of prescriptions to take every day. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

And how many times have we taken four Viagra and one laxative when it should’ve been the other way around? (Our boyfriend calls that condition hornipated.)

Well, now Pride Pharmacy is open and they’ve got the coolest prescription dispensing method we’ve ever seen. (Are we officially over-the-hill if we’re excited about pharmacy services? Next thing we’ll be writing about is the Weather Channel’s newest show!)

Their Medicine-On-Time service groups your pills together in blister packs by time and date so you’ll always take the right dosage at the right time. Each pod also includes the name, contact information for the pharmacy and prescribing physician, as well as when they need to be refilled. It’s so convenient, it almost makes pill-taking fun! (Screw Julie Andrews and her spoonful of sugar crap.)

Going on a long weekend trip? Just grab three days’ worth of blister packs and leave the bulky bottles at home. (Sorry Mr. Baggage Handler, no free Ambien for you – these are going in our carry-on this time!)

The pharmacy itself is noteworthy, too. Not only is it a sophisticated, relaxing, friendly environment, they’re truly committed to the community. In fact, they’re pledging 20 percent of profits to local GLBT organizations. And you can even suggest which ones you’d like to see benefit from their generosity by visiting their website and clicking on the “GIVING BACK” tab.

We can’t wait to transfer our prescriptions over to Pride Pharmacy, but we sure will miss the people-watching at the CVS on Lemmon Avenue. We’ll just have to go there more often to purchase wart remover and Metamucil mouthwash and gummi bears to get our toothless hooker fix. Toothless hooker watching fix, we mean. (We know how you love to take our words out of context!)

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
2929 Carlisle Street, Dallas
(214) 954-7389