Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Circle, Squared

While it’s no secret that we are universally loved and praised, there are those few bitchy queens who have managed to earn our ire, no matter how many cocktails we’ve shoved down our throats.

We don’t need an app to tell us we’re Queen of the Manhole or Mayor of the Bathhouse, but we sure wouldn’t mind an app letting us know where those who appear in our Burn Book are at the given moment. That’s where Avoidr comes in.

Used in conjunction with the ever-so-popular Foursquare, Avoidr lets you know where those outside of your circle are at any given moment. (Sorry for the quick geometry refresher).

It’s as simple to use as its parent-application: once the names of frenemies are entered into Avoidr, the tool will give you the approximate location of the other tools. Also like Foursquare, Avoidr lets you assign the various ranks of those in your Burn Book, such as “jerk” and “cancer.”

Finally, we can limit our encounters with enemies to the times we choose, only when we’re prepared (as in not wearing dangling-earrings). Sure, we can read a bitch at the drop of a diva-dime, but it’s always nice to have something ready to whip out of our pockets ahead of time. Not that we don’t whip enough things out of our jeans as it is – which might be how we earned so many not-friends in the first place.

Free, must be used with Foursquare