Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Espresso Yourself

A Diva is the female version of a roaster.

If you take your morning espresso as seriously as we take our morning Bellini, you might give careful consideration to Bugatti’s new Diva Espresso Machine.

A piece of art itself (and priced accordingly), the Diva Espresso Machine’s clean lines and sexy silhouette mimic Bugatti’s zillion-dollar sports cars for the elite.

The espresso gadget’s performance mimics the sports cars as well.

Like all divas, we only order in doubles, whether at happy hour or at the break of dawn. Bugatti’s light-speed espresso maker will quickly satisfy our need for a double shot of the strong stuff all the while foaming milk to a warm, frothy perfection the likes of which our lips have never kissed (before noon).

Sure, it requires serious Diva Dollars for any queen to showcase this sculpture of an espresso machine on their kitchen counter top, but instead of imagining the espresso cup half-empty, think of it as half-full: it’ll pay for itself after 12 years of skipping the daily Starbucks visit!

$995 – $1,299