Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

White-Hot Pin-Up

We don’t see many well-hung women in our bedrooms. Actually, we don’t see any women in our bedrooms, period. But we’ll make an exception for Betty White.

The hardest working gangsta betch in the entertainment industry continues to strut the Ho-stroll (as in Hollywood) and has her sight (well, what’s left of it) set on 2011. Betty is the undeniable IT girl of 2010, and if she has her way, her upcoming pin-up girl calendar will Ensure (get our drift?) that she remains a force to be reckoned with next year, too.

While twelve months of Betty is not nearly enough, publishers of the Betty White Calendar knew that us gays would need more, more, more and have achieved just that by placing our favorite silver-haired foxess in the grips of oiled-up, tanned muscle men for most of the photos.

If we didn’t have you at Betty White and chiseled-man chesticles, perhaps the fact that royalties from the must-have item of 2011 will benefit the Morris Animal Foundation, of which our beloved Golden Girl is a trustee, will have you ready to flip through a year’s-worth of Betty!

When have pin-ups with (adult) pull-ups ever been so sexy?!

Will be available in September
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