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A Topsy For The Decades

We like to get tipsy on a nice vintage, but lately we’ve been getting a little vintage from the nice Topsy.

The vintage Topsy purveys is not the kind we imbibe (try to stay with us after that disheartening revelation…), but makes us just as dizzyingly happy, at least until the AmEx collections department calls.

Why? Those behind the new Topsy online store carefully curate an ever-changing collection of vintage goodies boasting more taste than a Martha Stewart ceviche, including mid-century luggage, glasses, boots, hats, and of course, menswear.

With item origins spanning across as many decades as Cher has under her Swarovsky-encrusted Spanx, Topsy has quickly become one of our favorite online destinations for vintage finds. Brick-and-mortar haunts are as picked-over as the Crate & Barrel outlet mid-distance between West Hollywood and Palm Springs, and online vintage “shops” on eBay and Amazon are hit & miss, with most leaning toward the latter.

Sure, we may have happened upon the just-launched online shop by hunting on Google for something with a few less letters in its name, but have fallen heels over head just the same for this Topsy.

After all, the regularly-updated collection isn’t limited to stylish clothing and accessories from decades past; vintage oddities such as taxidermy, scientific curio and military fetish items round out the collection’s bottom, ensuring that a good Topsy is no longer hard to find.