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It’s Time For Your Broadway Debut (Or A Long Awaited Revival!)

BroadwayIf you need the energy of the city to keep you going, then there’s nothing quite like staying in the heart of Times Square. But hotels there can cost more than cleaning up oil spills or hiring a lawyer willing to speak to Lindsay Lohan.

Thankfully, Crowne Plaza Times Square has a great rate on rooms with fantastic views. Choose Times Square, City Skyline or Hudson River views and for $249 per night, you’ll get one of the best experiences you can have in the Big Apple. Rooms include free internet and free access to the gigantic NYSC fitness club, right inside the hotel. It’s 29,000 square feet of hot guys lifting things and bending over to pick up heavy stuff.

The special rate is only available until August 29, 2010 and you have to ask for the PRIDE PACKAGE, so hurry and book today. Then catch a few shows and give your regards to Broadway in high style.

(212) 977-4000 or www.manhattan.crowneplaza.com for reservations.



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