Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Every Last Drop

No one likes to be confined to boxes. The ones placed around Maggie Griffin vary. Her daughter, comedic Queen of the Gays Kathy Griffin, assigns her the “sailor-mouthed” and “wino” boxes. Maggie labels herself as a “good-Catholic-girl” and “flabbergasted mother.” But perhaps the best box for Maggie – a box of wine – reigns in her new memoir, Tip It.

While the title and the book convey a message of squeezing every last drop out of life that one can, it all comes back to the lush-ious vino. After all, Maggie did single-liver-spotted-handedly re-invigorate Franzia and the rest of the boxed-wine industry.

Following her daughter’s lead of banking off of My Life On The D-List, Maggie has decided to enter the publishing world. Part memoir with Griffin-family history, part behind-the-scenes of the D-List, part hilarious mother and daughter bickering-fest (commentary from Kathy is inserted frequently into the book), Tip It surprised us with how much of a page-turner it ended up being.

Now we’re not saying we weren’t fans of Maggie Griffin from the get-go. We’ve adored the aging Muumuu-wearing Meemaw all along. But you know how it goes when it comes to reality TV stars cashing in on their fame in the form of a memoir (or a song, we say with an eye roll directed at Countess LuAnn) – it’s not usually something we get excited about. But like Zac Efron’s new movie, this book is a guilty pleasure that we can get behind.

If you’re a fan of the undeniable chemistry the mother daughter duo share and the irreverent humor that seems to run in the Griffin family genes, (and if you love Maggie’s penchant for Christian swearing – there are more “Christ”s and “Lord Almighty”s on these pages than in the King James Bible), you have to pick up this book – and Tip It.

You’ll be happy to know it’s delicious, intoxicating fun until the very last drop.

Tip It: The World According to Maggie Griffin
Out now on Hyperion
$14.39 at Amazon