Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Stay Afloat

It’s the pink elephant in the dark room that can now receive the spotlight: drinking carries risks – risks of text-messaging exes; risks of waking up in unknown beds (or bathroom stalls); risks of coming-to with strange bruises and ball gag marks around your cheeks.

Basically, we have to hire Mariska Hargitay every weekend morning just to figure out what occurred the night before.

The other risks of drinking the sweet nectar – the negative effects inflicted upon our gorgeous bodies – are overlooked, largely because we maintain a successful system of smoke and mirrors and creatine that keeps us feeling like we look healthy. (And a potent mixture of Mac foundation and Vaseline to hide the hangover bags under our eyes certainly helps us ignore the ravages of our love affair for the cock-tails.)

That’s where DrinkWel, the first vitamin supplement for recreational drinkers (a.k.a. gays like us), comes in. No longer is being healthy and being a lush a mutually exclusive challenge!

Including carefully-curated natural supplements like milk thistle, Kudzu flower and B & C Vitamins collected together to counteract the physical toll alcohol accrues, DrinkWel is formulated for those of us who may have stopped eating solids years ago.

And while the daily regimen’s main objective is to replenish bodies with the nutrients lost after drinking and not specifically intended to prevent hangovers, the folks behind DrinkWel claim that many of the nutritional supplement’s ingredients accomplish just that.

Now we won’t feel so guilty taking our daily vitamins with our first Bloody Mary of the morning!

$39.95 for a 90 capsules
(DrinkWel recommends three capsules per day; more if drinking excessively)