Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Love Lucy

Not to get all cheesy (lactose free, of course – we have a date later), but time is the most precious gift. Why do you think, as a culture, we spend billions of dollars annually hoping to reverse it?

This is why, after holding for 30 minutes before connecting to a real-live (though probably 5,000 miles away) human with Bank of America, we’ve already reached code-red bitch, ready to go off on the poor customer service soul.

Sure, speaker phone is great. But until Gaga or Scissor Sisters or even some old-school Dolly becomes the choice de rigueur for hold music, we might as well take two melatonin pills and call it a night. After all, that’s what the Muzak we’re subjected to while on hold accomplishes.

We shall wait no longer. The new website Lucy Phone aims to finally bring the customer service industry into the 21st century by allowing us to not wait on hold any longer.

Oh yea, and it’s free!

Users who don’t wish to waste minutes (or hours) of their lives simply fire up Lucy Phone’s website, enter a customer service phone number (or even choose from the hundreds the company has in its database) and Lucy Phone does the rest. When an agent has reached the Lucy Phone user’s queue, they call the user and get down to business.

We’re all about more efficient ways to get down to business with no strings attached…