Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The more mirrors, the mary-er, we like to say. This is why we can’t get enough of the Carbon Fiber Airstream Duffle Bag. Well, that and also because we no longer have to play Where’s Waldo with our standard black luggage as it swims around the baggage claim amongst dozens of look-alikes.

The out-of-the-world fabric that affords the Airstream Duffle Bag such versatility is none other than Carbon Fiber, an ingredient creating a reflective surface that allows us to flawlessly reapply our Kiehl’s lip gloss in the airport check-in line or as we leave the gym locker-room.

Looks aside, the Airstream’s space-age carbon fiber is stronger than steel but not nearly as heavy. Though we like impromptu bicep training sessions (especially to have our arms pumped before heading onboard to the possibility of a million miles membership opportunity), the lightweight, waterproof duffle is a breath of fresh, unpressurized air.

The bag’s appeal doesn’t stop at enabling our Dorian Gray complex or through its ability to carry our free weight collection across the country to San Diego Pride with nary a rip: the Airstream Duffle also boasts a wide-mouth that leaves even us envious, allowing the most oversized of items to slip on in.

If we can’t have a hot man around our arm, this bag might be the next best thing…

$350, available in black and red