Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Write Wedding

If you couldn’t already tell by the double-wide lawn chairs and misspelled signs the tens of people attending the National Organization Against Marriage’s summer hate tour have waddled in with them, intolerance and inequality is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, earlier this week Argentina became the first Latin American country to allow all of its people access to marriage. America’s big behinds are still a little behind, but don’t cry for us Argentina: at least we’ll have the foundation of a profitable same-sex wedding industry already laid once our leaders open their minds (and close their pocketbooks to right-wing fundamentalists).

One of our favorite building blocks of the blossoming industry is OutVite.com.

Based in Massachusetts, OutVite offers same-sex couples wedding-themed stationary that speaks our language (which at weddings is typically slurred).

While OutVite got its boom from Massachusetts marriage equality, its business has spread to various other LGBT paper needs as quickly as a flock of bottoms’ legs at first sight of Anderson Cooper.

The company’s endearing, versatile designs include everything from invitations to cocktail parties to birth, adoption or even pet announcements.

Our modern instant-gratification brains might beg us to avoid the old-school snail-mail route that OutVite’s latest stationary ventures require, but when it comes to weddings, we’re traditionalists.

Now if only we can find a man that looks as good on paper as he does on OutVite’s paper….