Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Love Is In The Air

Finally, the endless Pilates classes, Lidocaine prescriptions and embarrassment of being the only single boys in the local Lamaze classes have paid off with recognition in the form of the freshly-minted “I Heart Bottoms” t-shirt. It might not be the Miss Universe crown that we’d dreamed of, but it’s a mouth-watering award that we’ll happily accept with open legs arms.

The shirt comes courtesy of Charles World Apparel, a fagulous website that sells all things gay men could ever want, thusly making it NSFW.

But among product pages for various sexual paraphernalia that make up our future wedding registry sits the glorious shirt, which we imagine would be donned by our (and many other’s) idea of the perfect man to share such a registry with – as long as he wears it while riding in on a glitter-covered unicorn, carrying the first season of Glee on DVD and a bouquet of daisy-chaining videos.

Whether or not our knight in shining Under Armour exists, the t-shirt itself has found an audience.

In fact, the “I Heart Bottoms” tee is Charles World Apparel’s best selling item, meaning there is still plenty of hope left for us out there yet…

(Note: the above link is safe for work; the general website is not)