Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Physical Grip-ness

We get our hands around lots of things while at the gym. Sometimes even weights!

While we’re diligent boys when it comes to what we’re handling off the gym floor, once on it, the average pair of weight-lifting gloves leave our fingertips shamelessly naked, warding off calluses but not germs.

Thankfully, PhitGrips are getting a grip on the workout situation.

Leather gloves, like our leather pants, leave a lot of skin exposed, creating a warm, musky breeding ground for picking up something that’s less-than-desirable (again, like our leather pants). Workout straps take our skin off of the germ-ridden weights and allow our hands to breathe, but run the risk of ruining our most recent manicure.

By wrapping around the actual weight or bar we’re pretending to workout with instead of our hands, the just-launched PhitGrips accomplish the mutually exclusive tasks regular gym gloves can’t, affording both comfort and sterility.

Going further to ensure that whatever we might pick-up from the 175 lb. bench press we don’t pass on to the 175 lb. hot mess we’re cruising, the inked logo on the PhitGrips pads includes antimicrobial agents that sterilize our hands during every set.

Now that PhitGrips has taken care of the workout situation, we have cleaner, softer hands to take care of that other worked-out Situation, the one found on the Jersey Shore.

Only three months left on the restraining order!