Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Energize-her, Honey

The gay lifestyle takes plenty of stamina. The primping and coiffing and smoke and mirrors and Grindr-ing and brunches and Bellini’s and handy J’s all tire us out before lunchtime.

Sure, Red Bull gave us wings, but we packed those up along with the white feather ones we donned at White Party in 1999 before it became creepy for gay guys in their 30s 20s to do so. What’s a gay to do to get him through the doggie-style days of summer?

Why, the Pride Energy Drink, of course!

Yes, it’s kind of odd that makers of the seventeen billionth energy drink on the market didn’t have enough energy to come up with something more than a lazy brand name, but hey, as you’ve surely heard, we’re easy.

And sure, if you’re not worried about overdosing on taurine and caffeine with the latest niche-marketed energy drink, you might find reason to worry about overdosing on rainbows with the straight-forward (well, not so straight forward) rainbow design taking over the can. Despite these minor points, Pride Energy Drink means well.

For every can sold, Pride Energy will donate 10 cents to your city’s local LGBT Pride organization, ensuring that next summer there will be even more rainbows and frolicking to go around. At least you’ll have the stamina and energy to stomach it… unless you’re sensitive to over-caffeinated beverages, that is.

Prices vary
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