Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Qrushing the Competition

It’s natural for things to go extinct when others evolve. Vowels (specifically final “e”s) are slowly vanishing, as evident with Qrushr, the latest gaydar social/dating/cruising app for iProducts. But Grindr – Qrushr’s main competition – might not be in danger of extinction anytime soon.

As the U.K.’s answer to the most popular gay app in the states, Qrushr exceeds in some areas that our beloved original cruising tool fails, like consistently accurate GPS. Where Grindr might throw us at its whim into Australia or France (a frustrating proximity when NOW is written in a hot Aussie’s headline), Qrushr has time and time again gotten our location spot-on whenever we fired it up, you know, in the name of research for this story.

The things we put ourselves through for you, ravishing readers…

Aside from consistently loading us into the correct geographic pool of cruising men, Qrushr one-ups other gay apps with background dance music, group chat, themed chat rooms (trouble!), multiple profile photos and longer text areas for users to fill out.

Still, the extra features may not win over some App-holes; as of press time any photos that are sent to users in a Qrushr message are deleted once the application is closed, unlike Grindr. This makes it much trickier keeping possible tricks straight, err… you get the drift.

So Qrushr as a Grindr killr? Not quite yet.