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Mirror, Mirror, In The Shower

Next to the boudoir, the shower sees the most action in our homes. If only we had a better view. With the Reflect Showerhead, we do.

A why-didn’t-I-think-of-that product, the Reflect has won a handful (we love those) of design awards for obvious reasons, mainly because we now have unparalleled access to a gorgeous view of what’s going on while soaping up.

Makers of the Reflect designed the gadget to provide a pristine view for facial shaving, and, if you’re flexible enough, other bodily areas in need of grooming. Just be sure to have Larry King-approved shower handles if you plan to engage in any Cirque-du-Soleil-style grooming acts with the Reflect.

Unlike other lame shower mirrors that hang lazily and fog up at the first sign of hot water, this designer showerhead circulates the running water within its enlarged head (something about those two words perked us up) to prevent condensation from forming and allow unhampered access to your gorgeous visage.

Some might complain about the $300 price tag, but when you think of all the other uses a non-fogging, elegant showerhead can provide in the bathroom, it seems worth it. In fact, it might give the mirror above our princess canopy bed a run for its money…

Available later this month